Main features:

  • Support for witsml 1.3.1 and 1.4 (note- 1.4.1 is not yet supported). 
  • Read-only access- This version supports querying WITSML objects, but not create/update/delete functions. 
  • Built on .Net 4.0, but can be recompiled to target 2.0 or 4.5+.
Please refer to to the original documentation on the jwitsml project, as the api is effectively the same, just .Net instead of Java. See this tutorial on for some examples on how nWitsml can be used.

The slight differences can be seen in the following example code:

WitsmlServer.UOM = UomBase.Imperial; 

var svr = new WitsmlServer("http://mywitsmlserver.url", "user" , "pass", WitsmlVersion.VERSION_1_3_1, 
          new Capabilities(WitsmlVersion.VERSION_1_3_1, "aaaa", "",

List<WitsmlWell> wells = svr.get<WitsmlWell>new WitsmlQuery());

foreach(var well in wells)
     Console.WriteLine(well.getName() + ":" + well.getId());